The P-Funk All Stars: Band Profile

The following is the current touring line-up of outstanding musicians who 
comprise the George Clinton & the P-Funk All Stars band and information 
about each:

Garry "Starchild" Shider Vocals, Rhythm Guitar: Born in Plainfield, New Jersey 
in 1953, Garry has played with the funk mob for 30 years. Prior to joining
P-Funk, Garry was in the band U.S. Utilizing his producing talents, he has
worked with Bay Area bands the Limbomaniacs and the Moāfessionals, as well
as the Denver group Lord and the Disciples of Bass. Garry has also worked 
with Tony Terry, DJ Quick, Too Short, MC Breed, the Black Crows, Bohanan,
Donald Austin and Catfish Hodge. Garry is known on stage as the "skinny guy 
in the diaper," a look he has adorned for over 20 years. Garryās favorite food is 
oxtails "cause it give you muscles."

DeWayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums,
Keyboards: Born in Los Angeles in 1954, Byrd has played with the funk
mob since 1978. Prior to joining P-Funk, he played with Miles Davis, The
Headhunters, Herbie Hancock, Charles Lloyd and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
He also occasionally plays with Trulio Disgracias, a Los Angeles convergence
of band members from Fishbone, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and P-Funk. 
Blackbyrdās stage look can best be described as a formidable military presence. 
His favorite food is a white, thin crust pizza.

Michael "Kid Funkadelic" Hampton Lead Guitar: Born in Cleveland in 1956, 
Michael has played with P-Funk since 1974. He also played with Dee Lite in
the early Ī90ās. Michaelās stage look is Sporty/Hard Rock. His favorite food is 
blackened lobster tails, as he "only had them one time in Nashville, but they
were killer!"

Cardell "Boggie" Mosson Rhythm/Bass Guitar: Born in New Brunswick, 
New Jersey in 1952, Boogie has played with P-Funk since 1968. Prior to joining
P-Funk he played with Shirley Cesar, The 5 Blind Boys, The Carnations and
U.S. (United Soul) with Garry Shider. Look for him on an upcoming music 
project with Mandrill drummer, Nefti. Boogieās stage look can be described as
funky, fresh and very rock Īn roll "Rumplesteenskin." His favorite food is 
soul food.

Rodney "Skeet" Curtis Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Guitar, Drums: Born in 
Baltimore in 1956, Skeet has played with P-Funk since 1977. Prior to joining 
P-Funk, he played with local bands in Baltimore. Projects include recordings
with the Firm (featuring Nas, Foxy Brown and AZ) and Dr. Dre. Skeetās stage
look is to wear black, red or fatigues. His favorite food is "the kind you can 
eat...itās good!"

Billy "Bass" Nelson Electric Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Drums: Born in Plainfield, New 
Jersey in 1951, Billy played with Funkadelic from 1966 (an original) to 1971 and
then rejoined P-Funk in 1994. Billy also plays with Trulio Disgracias when the
P-Funk touring schedule allows. He has recorded with the Temptations, the 
Commodores, Chairman of the Board, Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson, Jermaine
Jackson and Lenny Williams. He has also released a solo project on Rydodisc 
called "O.G. Funk." Billyās stage look is that of a "funky, hip-hop, rock & roller.
" His favorite food is "none of your damn business, chicken head," heh-heh-heh,
he laughs.

Lige Curry Bass Guitar, Vocals: Born in Flint, Michigan in 1957, Lige has played 
with the funk mob since 1974. He played with Carl Carlton, the Brides of Funken-
stein and Parlet, prior to joining P-Funk. Projects include the Starr Cullars Band, 
the Michael Hampton Band and the Blackbyrd Band. Lige can best describe his
stage look as "a funky looking maggot" and he is usually in fatigues. His favorite
food is potato salad, pork chops, ribs and pigs feet, "cause it aināt good for you!!!"

Frankie "Kash" Waddy Drums: Born in Cincinnati in 1948, Frankie has
played with the Funk Mob since 1971. Prior to P-Funk, he played with James
Brown and the House Guests, which evolved into Funkadelic. After joining
P-Funk he has also played with Complete Strangers, which became Bootsyās 
Rubber Band, Sly Stone and Sly Fox. On stage he likes to wear "as little as 
possible." Frankieās favorite food is seafood, for various reasons.

Ronald "Ron" Wright Drums & Thangs: Born in Detroit in 1959, Ron has played 
with P-Funk since 1995. He had prior experience with Clark Sis, Body, Albert
King and Johnny Taylor. He has also worked on tracks with Devina, Kyle Jackson
and the "Hoodlum" soundtrack. Ron describes himself on stage as the "funky, 
whatever man." Him favorite food is Thai, for that "exotic feeling" it gives him!

Michael "Clip" Payne (the Man In The Box) Drum Machines, Keyboards, Vocals: 
Born in Detroit in 1958, Clip has played with the P-Funk since 1977. He has also 
played with the Dutch band, Gotcha, as well as C.J. and Company. Other projects
include Cacophonique, Private School, Jerry Lewis and Iggy Snot. Clip is the 
"invisible man" on stage with his "Casper" look. However, he has been occasionally 
known to don a KKK outfit or paint his face. His favorite food is "anything I donāt 
have to choose, because tasting food should be a discovery and high expectations
make for let downs."

Joel "Razor Sharp" Johnson Keyboards: Born in Baltimore in 1953, Razor has 
been with the funk mob since 1976 when he joined Bootsyās Rubber Band. He 
has also played with the Brides of Funkenstein, Sly Fox, Madhouse, Sweet
Sensation, Tony Terry, The Sweat Band and The Look and was involved with
Sugar Daddy (Zapp). Razor describes his stage look as "The Regulator Wizzard.
" His favorite food is "fish, fish, my favorite dish, I am from the sea."

Greg Thomas Saxophone, Vocals: Born in Burlington County, New Jersey in 1955,
Greg has played with P-Funk for 19 years. He has also played with the Gap Band,
M Tume, Evelyn Champagne King and Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers. 
Other projects include the P-Funk Horns and Greg Thomasā Progressive Jazz.
Greg describes his stage look as " a funky, loose, relaxed look." His favorite food
is seafood, because he was "raised in a seafood town."

Bennie Cowan Trumpet: Born in Baltimore in 1956, Bennie has performed with
P-Funk for a "very long" time. Other bands are "too many to list." He is 
recognizable on stage as the "big, black guy." Bennie has a side project,
Real Horns, Inc.

Scott Taylor Saxophones, Clarinet, Flute: Born in Baltimore in 1957, Scott 
has performed with P-Funk since the summer of Ī97 Smokinā Grooves Tour.
He has also played with the New Century Platters and the Four Tops. Scottās
look is casual. His favorite food is not available.

Robert "P-Nut" Johnson Vocals: Born in Baltimore in 1947, P-Nut started on the 
road with Bootsyās Rubber Band and in the studio with P-Funk in 1976. When
Bootsy stopped touring in 1979, P-Nut segued to P-Funk. Prior to joining
Bootsyās Rubber Band and P-Funk, P-Nut played with local bands in the 
Baltimore area. P-Nut is often mistaken on stage for George Clinton. His
favorite food is "Salmon out on the open fire - smoked salmon, get it?!"

Belita Woods Vocals: Born in Chicago in 1948, Miss Woods or "B" as sheās
affectionately known, has performed live with P-Funk since the early Ī90ās 
and has done studio work with the band since the early Ī80ās. Prior to joining 
P-Funk, "B" sang with Brainstorm and Norma Jean Bell & the All Star Band.
She has also scored a hit with "Gettinā It" by Too Short. Belita describes her 
stage look as "cheesy, cheap and very bizarre," yet few people outside of the 
band know that she designs all of her own stage clothes. Sheās known as the
"glue gun queen" - look out Betsy Johnson! Her favorite food is "nads - Īcause
I can have one on each eye!"

Paul Hill Vocals: Born in Detroit in 1961, Paul has been on the road with P-Funk,
off and on, since 1989 and steadily since 1995. He recorded the hit single 
"Saturday Love" with Alexander OāNeill and performed on the Hearsay Tour in
Ī88-ā89. He was also involved with the hit "Gettinā It" and is involved with the 
Just Clever project for Biv 10, Michael Bivensā label. Paulās stage look is a
naturally suave, sporty look. His favorite food is crab legs, "cause I just like 
pickinā Īem open and gettinā to Īem."

Steve Boyd Vocals: Born in Detroit in 1961, Steve has performed in the studio 
with P-Funk since the early Ī80ās and on the road since 1995. Prior to joining
P-Funk, he performed with 5 Special and the Dramatics. He is involved with a 
solo project and production for George Clintonās granddaughter, Shonda Clinton. 
Steveās stage look is Sporty Street Gear. His favorite food is a "complete dinner 
of fried chicken, greens, macaroni and cheese and corn bread, washed down 
with Moet champagne." Ladies, care to join him?

Tracey "Trey Lewd" Lewis Rapper: Born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey in 1963
(he is one of George Clintonās sons), Tracey has performed with P-Funk on
the road since 1990. He has also worked on studio projects with Bootsyās 
Rubber Band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Fishbone. He is also involved in
the production of tracks for his niece, Shonda Clinton. Tracey describes his
stage look as "haba-trashery - Īcause weāre living in the garb-age." His
favorite food is AMPM hotdogs "Īcause theyāre two for 99 cents."

Shonda Clinton Rapper: Born in Newark, New Jersey in 1978, Shonda has
performed with P-Funk since 1995. Look for her own solo project, with track
performed by P-Funk All Starsā Steve Boyd, Paul Hill and her grandfather, 
George Clinton. Shondaās stage look is DKNY meets Nike - cool sports attire.
Her favorite food is homemade fried chicken, "Īcause I like to suck all the 
grease off my fingers after I eat it!"

Louie "Babblinā" Kabbable Rapper: Born in Detroit in 1949, Louie has performed 
in the studio with P-Funk since 1980 and on the road since 1992. He has 
recorded with the Red Hot Chili Peppers in "Yertle the Turtle;" he had a cameo
as the man in the suit in the alley in the Green Day video "When I Come Around;"
and he was the bus driver in the movie "PCU." Louie has a solo project entitled 
"Clueless." Known as the "Booty" man, Louie is the white, balding rapper on
stage. His favorite food is lamb "Īcause Iām Louie "Baa-bblinā Kabbabie."

Carlos "Sir Nose" McMurray Dancer: Born in East St. Louis, Illinois in 1968, 
Carlos has been with P-Funk since the 1992 New Years Eve show in Chicago.
He had his own band M.O.T. "Moment of Truth" from Ī89 to Ī92 (when he joined
P-Funk). Look for his new project Parla-Mac with "Hypnotic Funk" on Makafa-
malama Records/Right Space Productions with a sinle and full length CD to be 
released this summer. His stage look is Superfly meets The Mack with a feather 

boa twist, and his favorite food is "lobster Īcause itās the most expensive thing
on the sexy side of the menu."

......and the revolving door is always swinging...."once a Īdelic, always funky!"


"The Night Before"

"Cosmic Slop"

"House Party"


"Graffiti Bridge"

"Good Burger"

"The Slums of Beverly Hills"

"How Stella Got Her Groove Back"

Most recent release: George Clinton & the P-Funk All Stars "Dope Dogs" on Dogone Records/Available Entertainment.

Written by Marcy G.

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